We take great care that each of our design projects is made to the latest standards for quality and accessibility.

Our website / design services

Website and other graphic design

We specialise in creating uniquely stylish and professional looking websites that are easy-to-use. We can provide you a complete branding design package, including logos, business cards and stationery too. We have also designed flyers, brochures and book covers.


All our websites are built in high-quality, cross-browser compatible, W3C Valid, XHTML table-less markup with CSS. In plain English, that means they are the online equivalent of eco-friendly: sustainable, recyclable, energy-efficient products. We also make sure that all our websites are web standards compliant so that they are quick to load, easily understood and indexed by search engines, and accessible to all visitors regardless if they have a visual impairment and no matter what type of browser or device they are using to access the internet.

Read more about web standards and accessibility here

Content-management systems (CMS)

We can provide you with a bespoke content-management system which not only enables you to update the content of your website whenever you need to, but that can also serve as a time-saving administrative device for your business. From managing your contacts database and newsletter mailings, to providing a secure, online catalogue of your products - a CMS is an indispensable organisational tool.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Because we adhere to web standards when designing our websites, they are always optimised for search engine indexing. There are no tricks involved here and no extra costs for you. Simply, the organisation of your website is carefully constructed to ensure it is found easily by search engines (and thus visitors) based on relevant keywords and content. It is marked up using semantic HTML so that the important keywords in headers and links are recognised as such by search engines.

Read more about web standards and accessibility here

Accessibility and usability

Website accessibility is important to us because we believe that information should be easily shared and available to all. We don't just make accessible websites when demanded by particularly strict client requirements - we always work in accordance with the latest web standards. The advantages for you are that your website will be easily accessed by people with disabilities, as well as increased traffic from search engines.

Read more about web standards and accessibility here